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How to Write to your Donor Family


We understand that many recipients would like to write a thank you note to their donor's family.  We encourage you to do so by following these guidelines:


Begin with, "Dear Donor Family"


Acknowledge their gift and thank them


Tell them a little about yourself: your family, your hobbies, your job, any interests you might have


Please do not include any names


Please let them know how their gift has affected your life for the better and how long you needed a transplant


Use simple language


sign it, "a grateful recipient"


Send your Card or Letter


On a separate piece of paper, write your name and date of surgery so OLEB can identify your donor family.  Place both your card or letter in an unsealed envelope.  Now include both the surgery identifier AND the letter to the family in another envelope and mail to:



Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank

3840 N. Lincoln Blvd.

OKC, OK 73105



Once we receive the letter, we will forward to the donor family.  We will not reveal the identity of either party to the other.  Please be aware that not all donor families are able to respond right away.  As soon as we receive a reply, we will forward to you.  Please be patient.


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