Cushing Lions Club Visit

Lori Miller the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank Talks with the Lions Club

Mary Kelly

Mary Kelly

(Cushing, Okla.) Russ Thurman, President of the local Cushing Chapter of Lions Club International, called the meeting to order today at 12:13 p.m. The agenda started with song and pledge by Jerry Snyder. This was followed by requests for prayers that in included the Bill Candler Family, and then a prayer with Kevin Clause.

Lions Club then welcomed all the guests that came today including: Lori Miller who was the guest speaker. Miller is the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank.

Miller informed the club about various events including the increasing number of people that were cornea donors (246) in 2015. In 2014 there were 214, and in 2013 there were 122.

The placement of corneas so far this year in Oklahoma is at 79. Last year (2014), through the month of June, 130 corneas were placed.

Internationally this year the eye bank has placed 248 corneas, compared to last year’s 151 in the same time frame.

Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank currently works two researchers. One of the researchers is at OU Medical Center (Dr. Weichmann) and the other at Dean McGee Eye Institute (Dr. Karamichos). Both doctors are in their second year of research and so far this year the Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank has provided these doctors with 108 corneas.

Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank has its goal set on placing corneas domestically and when that’s not possible they work with International Sight Restoration in Tampa (Florida) to find a suitable recipient for each cornea. The Eye Bank's Co- medical director (Dr. Stone) is currently working in Saudi Arabia, therefore decreasing the numbers of surgeries locally.

Two different types of cornea placement are DSEK and PKP. DSEK replaces only 20 to 30 percent of the diseased cornea and PKP is full thickness transplant. DSEK has a faster healing time; however both types of cornea placement have about a 96% success rate after three years.

Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank has future plans that include getting a grant for the purchasing of the equipment used in processing the DSEK tissue in house. The cost of the equipment and modifications will run $75,000 to $100,000.

You are invited to stop by the Lions Eye Bank facility, which is located at 3840 N. Lincoln in Oklahoma City, or for more information go to

Lion of the day – Tom Cummings.

Other announcements made by Lions President Russ Thurman include: the rescheduling of the refurbishing of the ticket booth at the Rodeo Arena (at a cooler time). The 4 Person Open Scramble (Golf Tournament) at Buffalo Rock Golf and Gun Club set for August 22nd (2015), registration at 7:30 (am) and Tee Off is at 8:00 (am). Sponsorships for the golf tournament are $100.

Today’s winners of the drawings that were held: Bob Abshier was the winner of the 50/50 drawing and of a Lions pin and Lou Griffin and Russ Thurman both won a Lions pin.

Lion R.G. Hauptfleisch was recognized for his 98th birthday today.

The meeting adjourned around 1:00 (p.m.).

Cushing Lions Club meets each Tuesday at noon in the Lion’s Den in downtown Cushing.

For more information about Lions Club International go to

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